Want to get some random numbers? Maybe You don't have any lucky number yet? Or just stucked with choosing new numbers for the next lottery game? Then this site is made for you! Use our simple, but insanely effective tools to generate these numbers. There is also a brief description about the inner working of these tools at the bottom of the pages. Enjoy!

Random number generator

Generate random numbers utilizing the mersenne twister algorithm

Step 1.:

Specify the count, minumum and maximum integer values for the random numbers.
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Step 2.:

Choose between that these numbers should be in a unique or in an open sequence.

Step 3.:

Press the button below to generate them.

Step 4.:

Get Your random numbers!
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Step 5.:

To generate new numbers just go to Step 1.
How it works?

We generate Your random numbers utilizing a JavaScript implementation of the Mersenne twister pseudorandom number generator. This algorithm provides generation of extremely high-quality random numbers, and designed specifically to rectify many of the flaws found in other algorithms. It has an incredibly long period before its sequence of numbers will repeat, and has 623 dimensions of equidistribution, meaning that all sequences up to 623 numbers long are equally probable. Random numbers are often used to ensure fairness is games of probability. Popular number games such as lottery or bingo use a caller to randomly pull numbered balls, however, in the case of online bingo a computerized random number generator is used in the place of this. In a standard game of 90-ball bingo, the possible numbers range from 1-90 and the random number generator is used to pull and unknown list of numbers, numbers are marked off whilst the are called until a winning combination is achieved.