Want to get some random numbers? Maybe You don't have any lucky number yet? Or just stucked with choosing new numbers for the next lottery game? Then this site is made for you! Use our simple, but insanely effective tools to generate these numbers. There is also a brief description about the inner working of these tools at the bottom of the pages. Enjoy!

Lottery numbers generator

Generate lottery numbers using the latest achievement of psychical research

Step 1.:

Select the count of draws and the maximum doable number for the lottery game.
Draw: From:

Step 2.:

Focus intensely on the lottery prize.

Step 3.:

Move Your mouse over the BLACK area until the counter goes down from 42 to 0.

Step 4.:

Get Your (hopefully) winning numbers!
Result will appear here...

Step 5.:

To generate new numbers for another ticket just press the button below then go to Step 1.
How it works?

We generate Your lottery numbers with a unique way that have been never seen before on the internet. While moving the mouse (or any similar analog device) over the black area, Your soul's vibrancy sightly reflected to Your fingertips and it affects Your drawing. We collect, then use this information to feed a high quality random number generator as seed. Number 42 represents the root meaning of life, and its slowly heads to zero (which represents the center of our soul).